Track Record and Technological Strong Suits

LCD Controller Business Track Record

Here we introduce our track record on our main technologies in an easily understandable way.

Implementation know-how for small-sized industrial LCDs

TFT Color LCD Panels
We retain specialized personnel for timing controllers, so we can always provide our customers various solutions for even the most difficult problems. We currently produce a large number of specific products. We are also conducting research on accelerators that can draw at high-speed using hardware via commands from the Host-CPU.

STN Color, Monochrome LCD Panel
We have complex technology to minimize as much as possible the flicker caused by dropped frames.

Electronic Paper

Through joint development with a major company, we have the know-how for colorized electronic paper applications, including green ink monochrome products.

Touch Panels

We have the know-how for analog resistive screens. Currently, we are not focusing so much on other formats. We also provide installation of touch panels in dust-free environments.

LED Backlight / CFL Backlight

We have been proposing products with an eye towards the rapid conversion of LCD backlights to LEDs,and we have an extensive development track record for wide-temperature range products and ultra-slim products. While the use of CFL backlights is on the decline, we also have special technology for shipping applications that limits the brightness up to one ten-thousandth, and presently produce products for ships worldwide.


We can provide firmware which would otherwise require considerable time when programming from scratch, such as firmware for drawing basic figures, (including dots, straight lines, boxes, fill-ins, ellipses, etc.), drawing Chinese characters, converting Chinese character codes, etc., along with easily understandable source code as a package.

Micro-SD Card

With the increased use of video and other large files, we have installed SD Card firmware in our products.