Q&A Production Lineup

Tell me about Kenic system’s LCD controller product lineup.

As of August 2010, the product lineup is as follows.

1. Low-cost product (100pin-TQFP)
This product is for QVGA and was developed to work with three types of LCDs (TFT, STN, and monochrome LCD) using the same software and the same boards.Maximum of 64 colors.

The specific product names are:

  • TFT KS3224-LACP29
  • STN KS3224-LVCP26
  • Monochrome KS3224-LVP28

2. With superimposing function
This LCD controller is compatible with three LCD resolutions (QVGA, HVGA, and VGA), and allows two-layer superimposing display by 64 colors, while 65,000-color display is possible as well.

The specific product names, among others:


In addition to this, we have a lineup of LCD-specialized products that require a special control.

3. LVDS-compatible, SDRAM-compatible, with mini-accelerator on board.
We are currently developing this series, and we plan to put it on the market by the end of 2010. As an upscale model, SVGA resolution is possible. This LCD controller is also equipped a mini-accelerator which permits ultra-high speed drawing and video playback. At the same time, we have not sacrificed our trademark simplicity and ease of use.Our staff is currently engaged in creating the manual.

Is there a controller for analog RGB?

Unfortunately, we do not have such a product in our lineup. Since devices of this kind already exist, our policy is not to recreate such products.

Can a touch panel be attached?

We have already developed touch panel controllers. By directly linking this controller with our LCD controller, the touch panel coordinates are simply stored in the LCD controller register.

I want to control the brightness of the LED backlight.

All of our TFT LCD controllers are equipped with PWM output ports that take into account brightness control. However, please be careful as the frequency is very high.

Is contrast control required for the STN LCD?

Our STN LCD controllers are equipped with high-speed PWM output ports allowing analog voltage output for contrast control.
For detailed circuit configurations, please refer to the manual.