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Offering world's most easy-to-understand LCD controller IC.

At our company, "LCD easy to understand and easy to use" is the most important task and we are developing LCD controller IC. Even when you do your own circuit design, even if you only purchase a finished product module and only design the screen, it is very easy.
First of all, please see some introduction videos on this homepage.

LCD controller IC without supply concern.

We are pleased that this concept is the most important thing for long-term production customers with small lot, which is overwhelmingly less concerned about supply compared to other companies' products. The proven track record that the first LCD controller IC which started production more than 20 years ago is still supplied with the same specifications has been proved.
We do our best and do not continue production. Even if there are products whose shipping number drastically decreases, our business model can continue shipping without difficulty.
So, everyone is using it with confidence.

It is based on rewritable LSI, so it's easy to customize.

Of course it is also possible to develop custom LCD controller IC that match your system and the LCD-Panel you want. There are also many achievements. Please order by all means.

About CPU with built-in LCD controller IC.

Recently, many CPUs etc. with LCD controller IC built in are shipped. By using these devices, cost effectiveness comes out clearly. This method is the best if you can make enough effort for software design and if you are ready to respond flexibly to the LCD and its own production discontinuation. However, in the case of small lot multi-product set makers, it can be easily imagined that selecting this method is a very big problem.

Supply form.

Shipment of LCD controller IC alone is main, but recently shipment with finished board products has increased. Especially in the case of Smart-LCDC, there are very many demands on finished product modules including LCD-Panel. I think there are times when the set price has become affordable.

In addition, we have various stocks of LCD - Panel and special parts, so please check on our website and order.

About screen design.

It is our company that we founded for customers who want to use LCD-Panel for the first time, but we continue to inherit that concept. We introduce video as a topic with topics such as circuit diagrams and software design methods, which customers are likely to be in trouble and introduce as reference examples. Please refer to this website for details.

Comparison with other manufacturer's finished product module.

Drawing tools for screen design which are popular in other companies' products do not exist in our products. Just specify the number and position of any stored image and draw. That is why I strongly hoped to release it from the idea that it would be impossible to embed the complicated software like a drawing engine. And many people agree to this idea.

About Our Products

LCD Controller IC

Our LCD controllers have been adopted mainly by customers in the medical equipment, shipping, and special measuring instrument fields in Japan, who need to produce small-quantity lots and continue production for a long period of time.we carry products from high performance LVDS built-in controllers to low cost controllers that are limited to 64 display colors.

LED Backlight Power Supply Board

DCDC converter substrate for LED backlights for LCD panel. Compact and lightweight, and Kenic system original.