Kenic system’s LCD Controllers

LCD Controller

The Most user-friendly LCD controllers in the world

Our company develops LCD controllers with a heavy focus on being "easy to understand and easy to use". Externally, it seems like a dedicated IC, but it actually contains a programmable area, which has many advantages. The image frame buffer appears to be local memory from the Host-CPU, therefore software design is also very easy.

LCD controllers without supply and obsolescence risks

This is the advantage of an LCD controller not found with a standard LSI. Even if by chance the programmable production is discontinued, we will be able to provide the same functions as before by using a replacement. Therefore, at worst, the only change is in the PCB design, a change of software is unnecessary. Similarly, even if the LCD is discontinued, we will be able to provide the same functions as before by substituting for another one. Your valuable hardware and software assets are protected.

Kenic system can cater to custom-designs

Kenic system can cater to custom designs due to the use of programmable architecture.Our company has handled many custom-designs built to work well with the customer's system. Our company offers trustworthy and proven products.

Competitively-priced LCD controllers

Our LCD controllers with programmable architecture have an even greater advantage due to the rapid lowering of the cost of high speed SRAM and SDRAM. This product is price competitive even for customers with large production volumes.

Supply Formats

As the appearance and handling is the same as dedicated LSI, practically forget that complicated system. Customers can rest assured that this LCD controller isn't as risk of obsolescence. In addition, we also supply finished PCB products, as well as LCD bundles. Please refer to our company's webpage for details.

Future Development

"Provide customers with the world's easiest product for designing LCD systems". This is our policy, and it will not change. We develop our products while keeping track of current global trends. By digesting the information into easy-to-use starter kits and manuals, we provide customers with not only quality products but important know-how as well.

About Our Products

LCD Controller IC

Our LCD controllers have been adopted mainly by customers in the medical equipment, shipping, and special measuring instrument fields in Japan, who need to produce small-quantity lots and continue production for a long period of time.we carry products from high performance LVDS built-in controllers to low cost controllers that are limited to 64 display colors.

LED Backlight Power Supply Board

DCDC converter substrate for LED backlights for LCD panel. Compact and lightweight, and Kenic system original.